Fragments from Euripides' unidentified plays:

A day always teaches something new.

Two kinds of breath you breathe, Eros.

...when the dawn star shone forth on her chariot...

...the gods' summit, the shimmering sky which surrounds the earth...

Oh Cypris, how pleasurable and mischievous you are!

Fragments from Euripides' Bellerophon:

Against necessity everything is weak.

Why me? My suffering is human.

You see a lot of unexpected reversals: many escape the swelling sea; many great warriors, defeated in battle, come to greater fortune.

Courage has great strength against disasters.



Erez Natanblut

ISBN 9780987918956 Paperback

ISBN 9780987918949 eBook

Solomon's Proverbs are as relevant today as they were in antiquity. This monograph offers an original and contemporary analysis of the Biblical book of wisdom, which can enrich our lives, and bring us closer to God.



Peter Frick

ISBN 9780973902655 Paperback

This is a unique textbook of New Testament Greek. Here the student will learn the grammatical and syntactical fundamentals with a solid base of vocabulary, in an arrangment geared for the best results. The first half of the book presents grammar and forms, as well as Greek to English and English to Greek sentences. The second half is comprised of many biblical texts with running vocabulary. Professors and students of New Testament Greek, or anyone interested in the subject, will welcome and find this book extremely useful with its up-to-date scholarship.


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